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Agency Review

Perhaps you think a third-party agency might be the right fit for your needs but don’t know where to start?  Or maybe you are not satisfied with the value you are deriving from your agency? 

An independent review can take the sting away from an in-house reviewer particularly where there are longstanding, complex or personal connections involved.


An experienced marketer with over 25 years of experience in procuring as a client and from a bids perspective, I can help make sure you have the right agency to deliver what you need. With my background of working with many agencies in different areas of marketing, you will have access to my wide network of contacts, including those specialising in PR, digital, martech and CRM. 

With my involvement, you get to see the best agencies your budget will afford, will be part of the process and once you’ve made your selection, I will help your new agency relationship get off to a flying start.


What’s involved?

A three-stage process, which can be tailored if there is no incumbent

Background and review

  • Working with you to set and agree desired outcomes and selection criteria

  • Translating your needs into a clear brief, which you approve

  • Advising on likely budget implications

  • Objective review of your incumbent, including quantitative and qualitative aspects


  • Identifying agencies, initial ‘fit’ meetings/interviews

  • issuing the brief

  • analysing proposals & working with you on shortlisting

  • interviews & post interview debriefs

  • selection (may include contract review/negotiation of terms)

  • unsuccessful bid feedback


  • reporting, KPIs and initial review period

  • agency kick-off meeting/s

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