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Marketing Mentor Programme

Mentoring and coaching ambitious team members has been one of the most rewarding parts of my career.  Signing up to the marketing mentor programme gives access to a marketing and BD expert with years of sector experience and who understands the particular challenges marketers face when they have a small team or are flying solo.

Whether its bids, key account management, directories, CRM, client listening, awards, social media, websites, SEO, PPC, PR, advertising, branding, brochures, events, e-marketing, marketing planning, budgets, building a team or securing and managing additional or third party resources: I have first hand experience of overcoming the challenges involved. 


You will get guidance and practical support on your situation and challenges, on navigating partnerships and on how to get the best from internal and third party resources.


You'll have a mentor who not only has years of sector experience but also understands the challenges of switching sector, having taken the same path. 


What’s involved

An initial meeting would take place to assess needs, fit and scope out a programme.

A typical programme will last between 6 and 12 months and would include fortnightly or monthly sessions, depending on the client.

The initial session is free, subsequent sessions would be charged on an hourly basis.

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