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Change projects

If there is a big project in the wings, which you are feeling might be too big to take on, alongside everything else, then there is another way.

Why not bring in an external project manager to help you stay on track?

Using an external project manager experienced in professional services change projects enables you to:

  • achieve results faster and realise the potential of small/mid size firm agility without needing to grow headcount unnecessarily.

  • focus on assuring continuity of marketing activity, whilst maintaining strategic oversight on what can be time consuming project focused work. 

  • avoid a project making your life one of struggling to achieve a work-work balance rather than a work-life balance.

  • develop or broaden skills of your team, giving them the chance to learn from an experienced project manager


What’s involved

Effective project management of your marketing and bd change projects including:

  • project scoping and planning

  • budget setting

  • reporting and stakeholder communications

  • issues and dependency tracking

  • management of agency and internal resources to deliver the project

You and your team play as great a part as you prefer. 

Draw on my extensive track record of successfully delivering projects as varied as:

  • rebrand/brand refresh

  • new website/website replatform

  • new office/jurisdiction/practice expansion

  • pre- during- and post- merger/acquisition bd and marketing integration, alignment and value

  • marketing technology investment, including CRM, e-marketing selection and implementation

  • marketing function build/restructure

  • client listening and key account programmes.


In addition, I can include any of these services:

  • Agency: recommendations and/or procurement

  • CRM and Marketing technology: recommendations and/or procurement

  • Marketing/BD team : scoping job roles and skills requirements, briefing recruitment agencies, interviewing and assisting with selection, onboarding and development. 

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